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Bucket Name Created Date Storage Class
daves-video-backups 3/15/20 Glacier Deep Archive
grovecoldstorage 4/12/20 Glacier Deep Archive
jacksonphotos 5/15/20 Glacier Deep Archive

Storage Breakdown

Name Location type Location Default storage class Public access Access control Lifecycle rules Encryption
daves-video-backups Global Global S3 Glacier Deep Archive Not Public Uniform None AES-256
grovecoldstorage Global Global S3 Glacier Deep Archive Not Public Uniform None AES-256
jacksonphotos Global Global S3 Glacier Deep Archive Not Public Uniform None AES-256


This article will serve as a central location for any backups being done on the Do-Docker droplet hosted on DigitalOcean. At the time of this writing, all apps are hosted on containers.


  • There are a handful of cron jobs that run at certain intervals to backup data, which will be outlined below.
  • The containers themselves are not backed up as they are ephemeral, however, the images for each app have been backed up to my repository on Docker Hub.
  • A nightly snapshot is run at 2am every evening to backup the entire droplet.

Cron Schedule

# Unifi Backup
0 1 * * * rclone sync /home/unifiadmin/.config/appdata/unificontroller/data/backup/autobackup b2:ImageBackup/Unifi --verbose --log-file=/home/unifiadmin/logs/unifi_b2.log && curl -fsS --retry 3 -o /dev/null

# Ghost Backup
30 1 * * 1 rclone copy /opt/ghost_content b2:DigitalOcean-DB-Backup/ghost && curl -fsS -m 10 --retry 5 -o /dev/null

# Wallabag Backup
0 1 * * 1 rclone copy /opt/wallabag b2:DigitalOcean-DB-Backup/Docker/Volumes/wallabag && curl -fsS -m 10 --retry 5 -o /dev/null

Backup Matrix

The following matrix will be treated as a source of truth for how each app is backed up:

Application Backup Method Frequency Backup Location
Bookstack Data: Managed Database Images: S3 API Data: Real time Images: Real time Data: DigitalOcean Images: AWS
Code Server Git As needed GitHub
Dozzle Snapshot Daily DigitalOcean
Ghost Data: Managed Database Images: Rclone to B2 Data: Real time Images: Weekly Data: DigitalOcean Images: Backblaze
Glances Snapshot Daily DigitalOcean
Heimdall Manual backup to B2 As needed Backblaze
Ouroboros Snapshot Daily DigitalOcean
Portainer Snapshot Daily DigitalOcean
Privatebin Snapshot Daily DigitalOcean
Unifi Controller Rclone to B2 Daily Backblaze
Wallabag Rclone to B2 Weekly Backblaze