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My name is Dave Levine, and I'm a Solutions Engineer living on the North Shore of Long Island. More importantly, I'm also a husband, father, minimalist, musician, and lifter of weights.(1)

  1. A more in-depth portfolio about myself and my career can be found here.

I began writing the content for what would become this site in 2016. At the time, it amounted to unstructured writings of things and ideas I wanted or needed to remember. It has since become one of my most important life projects, with hundreds of articles, guides, documents, and other types of content.

The site is the result of years spent capturing and documenting information. It's a testament to continuous self-improvement, unstructured curiosity, and personal growth. Above all, it's a source of truth and a labor of love.


My interests reduce nicely to the following:

  • Learning, creating, understanding, and documenting.
  • Personal growth and well-being.
  • Sharing and discussing with others.

I spend a fair amount of time reading and learning as much as possible. I believe one of the most important things anyone can do is pass knowledge along to others. Although I don't teach professionally, I enjoy sharing information and having thoughtful discussions whenever possible.

Some topics of interest include system design, homelab, network security, self-improvement, cloud computing, and most recently, fatherhood.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Title Achievement Date Expires Credential ID
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 08.14.23 08.14.26 3CX8XLLCN2F11W3T
Name Achievement Date Expires Credential ID
CompTIA A+ ce 03.18.13 03.18.13 YBBLL76C7PEQKJE2
CompTIA Security+ ce 11.05.16 11.05.19 8N88HELMPHE4Q6Q2
Title Achievement Date Expires Credential ID
Microsoft Specialist: Windows 7, Configuring 12.1.15 N/A F507-6172
Microsoft Specialist: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator 12.1.15 N/A F507-6171
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows 7 10.5.13 Retired E404-1374
Microsoft Certified Professional 10.5.13 N/A F094-7154
Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7 10.5.13 N/A E404-1372
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Windows 7, Configuration 08.31.13 Retired E375-8831


You can tell a lot about a person by the lists they compile. Here are some of my own.


The colophon will serve as a container for information related to this site, hosting and additional homelab specifications.